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      | Manufacturing capacity

      Chuanli has advanced machining centers, CNC lathes, die-casting machine, injection molding machine, centralized dissolved furnace, mesh belt furnace, high-precision wire-cut EDM, automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, automatic processing, and assembly line and other domestic leading production equipment.Chuanli has formed a set of aluminium alloy die casting, injection molding, powder metallurgy, precision parts processing industry of cross-border production capacity. At the same time equipped with coordinate measuring instrument, spectrometer, flow performance test system, digital display tool microscope, digital micro hardness tester, metallographic testing machine, X-Ray Inspection System, intelligent test bench, gas testing instrument, 3D scanners, 3D printers, gear measuring center,Roughness profiler, automotive oil pump test system, They can meet the requirements of metallography, material, hardness, position, flaw detection, flow rate and other testing requirements. Make each product through strict and reliable quality testing, to ensure the reliability of product.


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